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Gas & Electric Arts is committed to exploring unchartered theatrical territories and making total, fresh theatre that responds to the ever-shifting cultural and political landscapes that comprise our lives. We are fervent in our desire to create productions whose images and stories linger long after the show is over. We have been instrumental in introducing Philadelphia to exemplary women playwrights who are boldly redefining American theatre; since 2005 we have produced Lisa D’Amour, Abi Basch, Kira Obolensky, Deb Margolin  Juanita Rockwell, Jacqueline Goldfinger and Carson Kreitzer.

What distinguishes Gas & Electric Arts is the powerful combination of our hybrid performance style that emerges out of rigorous physical and vocal training followed by collaborative creation during rehearsals and exceptional production values, paired with our deeply-rooted investment in Theatre of the Oppressed-based workshops and storytelling events as catalysts for social change and community building.

Our performance style exists at the intersection of a spectrum of theatrical forms: from the epic, disciplined work of the Théâtre du Soleil to the joys of stage clowning and puppetry, from choreographic, movement-based performance to adventurous vocal exploration as advocated by Roy Hart practitioners & others, as well as new kinds of sung music. We use a physical dramaturgy to dive into written text, a mesh of movement and vocal improvisation to enable spoken and imagistic metaphor to emerge and consolidate, give density and desire, meaning and matter to what appears on stage. It is thus that we have begun to develop our niche in Philadelphia for a type of theatre that combines a commitment to playwrights with a rigorous physical acting style that leaves quotidian expression, that leads actors to devise vivid, extra-ordinary forms for their bodies which enable them to be instruments of passion, to be resonators of our time.


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