Gas & Electric Arts is now JUST ACT!


Just Act (formerly Gas & Electric Arts)

A theatre and civic engagement non-profit that inspires civic dialogue and action through participatory theater.  Our theater-based, anti-oppression processes creatively engage residents in community dialogue about civic issues and provide forums for developing action plans for change.


T.O. 1 Forum Theatre 
2015 Summer Intensive
4 day training
Thursday - Sunday
July 23-26, 2015 Philadelphia, PA

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Greetings to friends, both near and far, of Lisa Jo Epstein and Just Act (formerly Gas & Electric Arts), 

For over a year, Lisa Jo Epstein, Executive Director of Just Act, has been collaborating on the ChesterMade project with our City of Chester partners—Chester Arts Alive, Chester city Planners, Widener University-- and the PA Humanities Council. 

With Don Newton of Chester Arts Alive, Lisa Jo created and trained an ensemble of Chester residents in compassionate listening, how to facilitate story-interviews and story-circles as well as select theater improvisation techniques so that the Ensemble could offer “gift-backs” of stories at every event. The Ensemble led a month of story-gathering and theater events in February 2015.

At last, the ChesterMade Project team is ready to unveil the first-ever Chester Arts and Culture Asset map at the Chester City Council meeting next week through a performance of data crafted by the ChesterMade Ensemble!

Stories are data with soul, and stories reside at the heart of any theater production. And thus, last Monday, the ChesterMade Ensemble and Paul Fritz, City Planner, premiered a staged reading of a play written and directed by Lisa Jo Epstein using the data collected over the course of the project, and the crowd went wild. 

Just Act has truly been part of something historic in Chester, and are thrilled to be a central partner in co-imagining and implementing this innovative creative place making project that has been a catalyst for dynamic movement in the City of Chester through arts and culture.

We are excited to announce this upcoming staged reading by the Ensemble and Latifah Griffin, City Planner, who will present at City Council, and reveal the Cultural Asset map to the city. Immediately following our Council presentation will be Chester’s first-ever Arts loop.

So glad we could share this news with you.

—Just Act